Golf Frames

Hoyland Fox has invested in research and development and advanced manufacturing technology. The outcome of this is the introduction of a range of innovative, British Made products which will achieve high levels of quality and maximum performance in use.

The Classic Frame

  • Twin paragon ribs manufactured from high quality tempered spring steel
  • 16mm corrosion resistant aluminium shaft
  • Available in both natural aluminium and in elegant matt black
  • Will accept a single piece cover
  • Available with gilt fittings

The Sport Frame

  • With colour options available on handles, shafts and points
  • Colours may be mixed and matched on each frame
  • Hardened and tempered carbon steel solid ribs eliminate the problems of wind damage
  • Point produced as a single piece, ensuring a watertight fit
  • Design incorporates a patented tip retainer, captive to the handle, holding tips securely

The Super Sport Frame

  • Combining the many attributes of the successful Hoyland Sport Frame with further innovative and stylish features
  • No metal springs in the shaft
  • Redesigned pistol grip handle with integral spring loaded tip cup and a recess to take disc of your design or our standard plug insert
  • Also available with high performance fibreglass shaft (Black/white options only)