The Company

The Hoyland Fox name reflects 167 years of dedication to the manufacture of high quality umbrella frames. It enjoys a reputation for excellence and customer satisfaction, becoming one of the most famous umbrella frame manufacturers in the umbrella market worldwide.

Three main products are Sunshade Umbrella, Fishing Umbrella, Sports /Promotional Umbrella according to using function, which Sunshade covers 85%, Fishing and Sports/Promotional covers 15% respectively.

In year 1842, Mr. Samuel Fox set up the “Fox Umbrella Frames Ltd” at Stocksbridge, UK. Fox Umbrella Company started with rain umbrella. He is the first person who invented the U-shape ribs (called “ Paragon”) and used it into umbrella. “Paragon” used to be one of the oldest famous brand names in UK. Its rain umbrella used to be the most famous brand in the umbrella field.

Mr. William Hoyland, assistant of Samuel Fox, built his own company William Hoyland ltd in 1875.William Hoyland and Fox’s Chief engineer Joseph Hayword set up business to produce the patented “Flexus” frame as an alternative to Fox “Paragon” frame.

The flexus frame is built up of solid ribs with flat spring stretchers coupled in pairs and in such a manner that all the stretchers were under tension when frame was in any position except when fully closed

Samual Fox became the largest umbrella frame manufacturer in the world about the turn of century. Went on to be one of the largest steel makers in UK before being nationalised by British Steel.

Late 1987, Readicut Int. bought William Hoyland and Co. LTD from local owners. One year later, Hoyland acquired Fox Umbrella Frames Ltd and established present company “Hoyland Fox Limited”.
In 2008, Activa Group acquired Hoyland Fox Ltd and transferred all of the brand name, patents, technology, tools and machinery to its China factory. Combing the advantages of Hoyland Fox and Activa, Activa has the confidence to bring the long history brand into a new stage.




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Why Choose Hoyland Fox

---The most famous umbrella frames in the world. With very long history and rich experience in the umbrella design and manufacturing.

---Patented and Innovative Products. Owned a lot of patents on the tilt, ribs and designs of the umbrella.

---Unique Hardening & Tempering Process of steel ribs ensuring greater strength, durability and shape.

---Strict quality control of raw material ensuring high quality.

---Self sufficient with in house tool making, ensuring continuity of quality and flexibility

---16 different frame colors available

---Lead-times with a friendly, flexible service